Sunday, August 11, 2013

The right to bare nipples and the NRA

So I am sitting out on my screen porch with a good book and a good beer... topless and enjoying the feeling of being topless.  Obviously Spawn is at his dad's or I  would not be topless. ( I have some boundaries-lol) And I am thinking...why is it okay for guys to walk around without shirts and not okay for us?  To me this is this feels like an injustice!  I demand the right to bare NIPPLES! I want to cheer on the Panthers with a bared blue chest!  At any BBQ or while mowing the lawn or playing touch football or working construction or at the pool or the beach!  I feel like this covered under the second amendment..cause it's vague and written for a totally different set of circumstances. Those that crafted it would probably be confused that we try to apply it to today's circumstances but hey,that is what we do.  But clearly it say the right to "bear" arms-they could have meant "bare" arms because everyone knows a "bear" is a big hairy animal that does not cover up it's nipples and the "arms" lead right to the nipples! In order to bare my nipples I am willing to register them, take a nipple safety class.  I have used them for hunting in the past..pretty sure I never killed anyone with them.  I don't have the money or the inclination to make them "high powered".  I believe in my right to bare nipples and as a safe nipple owner I an willing to do anything reasonable to have that right.  But that's just me and my nipples.  To me it seems like nipple-olgy 101.  And if you disagree with me that is so okay with me.  The thing I like most about being a proud to bare nipple American is that we can all have our opinions.  That is pretty awesome!  I want to thank the NRA ( Nipple Revolution Association) for all it's great advocacy on this issue!  So  much more effective than the IBTC ( if ya don't know, don't worry about it!)  Legislatures should never forget...women are watching  and there is power in the nipples!  :)

9of my youth!